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There are a lot of differences between us ( meaning people in the U.S) but the commonality is the need or want to provide for ourselves.  Miles Above provides America’s Foster Youths with that opportunity. 

A few months ago I extended a verbal offer to a candidate in Utah.  The salary was really decent and it was a great opportunity for the young man however it is not the salary or position title that sticks with me , it is the conversation that reminds me we are all the same and it is the background noise that humbles me.

Me ” Hi ‘John Doe’  I just wanted to check in and see how things were going and to see if you were still interested in the position?”

Him “Yes I am very interested”

Me ” Your last interview was very impressive and because of how you wowed the team, the manager was able to get a an approval of $67,000 as your base salary with benefits starting at day one”

             He dropped the phone. All I heard was a clunk and a yell from a female in the back.  From a previous conversation I knew his wife was pregnant and that his last company went through layoffs 7 months prior, so he was unemployed.  He picked the phone up and said:

“Mrs. Gage I’ll accept”  there was another scream from the background and he said “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry but we are so happy” he put his hand over the phone and said “honey were ok”. 

 That almost made me cry until he said ” I’m sorry Mrs. Gage please don’t take the offer back”.  My only response was ” don’t worry the offer still stands, congratulations you deserve it”. 

Now  I don’t have any authority to take an offer back from someone and who would do such a thing after that emotional rollercoaster.  He was a very talented person, was trying to provide for himself and his family and this offer of employment was allowing him to do so.  After 11 years of being a recruiter extending an offer is still the best part of my job.

Here is what I’ve learned after being in foster care for 10 years.  After a child has been determined to need assistance from the state they live in, after the parents have been determined to be un fit, after the age of 18 -there is no more assistance.  There are no more social workers to try and find families, there is no more housing available because the wait list is extremely long and there is no more grounding to help build an independent stable adult.  Miles Above is the difference.  With our organization we are saying YES! – although you are 18 YES although you have emancipated out of foster care, YES! the offer still stands.  you can build your own independence, yes you can be productive, yes you can have a second chance yes- The offer still stands, you deserve it. 

On top of being disregarded and put in second place, foster youths don’t have a security blanket to fall back to or a family to help them get on their feet.  Being an adult is hard but being alone is hell. 

Miles Above provides the employment placement to help youths build their own foundation and we provide the mentorship to show there is no need to be alone.  I will do my best to be an employment advocate for America’s Foster youths, everyone deserves an opportunity to be self sufficient.