The Mission of Miles Above is to provide pathways for self-sustainment through job placement, mentorship and community service for former and emancipating foster youth. Miles Above has an opportunity to fill a need for the employer, the youth and the community.   Miles Above is a 501 (c)3 organization.

Chela Gage is an Executive Recruiter and Consulting Business Owner with over 10 years of experience in direct hiring and executive placements.  As a  former foster youth she has experienced firsthand the uncertainty of turning 18 while in foster care. Born in Bridgeport CT, Chela was in foster care for 10 years starting at the age of 7, her experience led her to 11 foster families and 4 group homes from New York to Georgia.  At 17 years old she  and her brother were adopted by a family member.

Because of her experience as a foster youth and her career as an Executive Recruiter Chela understands how important employment is for youth that have no foundation so she has joined forces with local companies to create Miles Above, Inc.  Miles Above, will address the needs of the emancipating and former foster youth with the goal in mind of helping the youths create their security by being able to provide for themselves.   The bottom line is to help eliminate homelessness, the return to state dependence and/or the criminal justice system by helping foster youth create permanence through direct job placement and employment stability.