Every problem has a solution.  You’ve heard it before, we forget that it’s true, but if we think about any issue we have going on right now, there’s a solution.  You may already know the solution.  Let’s do it together. Yesterday you were talking to a friend, that friend misunderstood something you said and took it the wrong way.  You let it go, but now you’re wondering why that friend is shucking your texts.  Solution- talk it out, right?  Here’s another, I have 2 sons a three year old and a five year old, they are a handful and I say that with love.  They are usually very whiny but there is a point where that whine means something more and it’s usually that they are hungry or tired. I swear I can make these two kids happy at the drop of a dime with a cracker and a nap.  Solution figured out.

Today someone gave me a solution.  Do more. 

August has been a slow month for Miles Above.  May, June and July was full of information gathering, meeting with mentors, sponsors, clients and naysayers( oh those loving naysayers); with all the information we had gathered I told myself I was taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, but in actuality I was afraid.  I saw a need, I saw people relying on Miles Above, I saw myself getting frustrated with processes, I saw myself in the eyes of one of our clients and I became afraid.  But I should have done more. 

Today I was able to listen to an amazing speaker train others how to tell their story.  We were in a room of maybe 25 people and I felt as if he were only talking to me, everyone else was a blur.  As I took notes and tried to envision myself in his stories, I knew I was in this room for a reason.  Today was the pause. In my pause it reminded me there is no need for fear.  The vision of Miles Above is full of love.  It is full of hope.  It is for other people, it is founded from fear of leaving someone out on their own.  It is inspiration to do more.

I have a client that texts me often, I may have to increase my text plan to keep up with her, but she keeps me posted on what’s going on in her life, on what made her day so hard or the weather on her side of town and on when her housing situation will end and she’ll be asked to leave because she is over 18.  To her Miles Above is a solution.  We have to speak to as many people as we can to be her advocate. We have to put her resume in front of every potential employer. We have to raise as much money as we can. We have to write emails in the middle of the night and make calls at the crack of dawn.  We will do more, because Miles Above is the solution.